Flex Arm With Universal Lights Adapter And T-Connector Base Length 38 cm

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Art.No 600.W32BK

Flex Arm with universal lights adapter and T-Connector base, allows the mounting of cylindrical torches with diameters ranging from 2 to 5 cm.

The equipment includes 4-oring of different sizes and velcro strap safety.

Fits to any T1 Base

incl. Screw

Total length: 38 cm

Flexible arm can be lengthened or shortened simply by adding or removing modules
Art.No 600.W32BK

N.1 TUBOFLEX 3/4" flexible arm 12 segments

N.1 Universal Lights Adapter

N.1 Flex arm base 3/4" for T-Connector

N.1 Base Mount With 1/4 Female Thread (Stainless Steel)