Alessandro Grasso - TESTER TEAM


I was born in Genoa, a city that offers many photographic opportunities, March 4, 1973. My passion for photography was born the day when I found at home an old Canon EF film of my father, with whom I began to explore this new world of which soon, I fell in love. From the beginning I started to refine the various techniques without dwelling on a single genre, interested in always different subjects. In 1995 I obtained the first diver's license at the Comsubin (grouping divers and raiders of La Spezia) and I started working as a military professional diver. The passion for underwater photography was born only afterwards when, in 2011, I attended a specialty course in Rome obtaining the qualification of underwater photographer assigned to you have technical scientific surveys. Thus began the immeasurable passion for the underwater world that also took me abroad traveling to the discovery of new biodiversity, allowing me to know and compare myself with various photographers, taking from each of several creative ideas. The photographic research path that I am implementing will not stop until I have managed to acquire my own precise and defined style.

"A photograph can not transmit emotion if you can not see the soul of the author" (Alessandro Grasso).