Andrea Falcomatà - TESTER TEAM


He was born in Bolzano in 1974. He became a diver in 2006, a longtime photographer, he approached underwater photography only in 2008 for fun.

Because of the distance from the sea, the opportunities to shoot in salt water were very few, sometimes limited only to summer holidays.

But since 2012 he wanted to make a virtue vice and started to shoot in fresh water, in the numerous lakes of Trentino - Alto Adige. Since then the fresh water has become a real passion or rather an obsession, often passing hours in rather cold and murky water to look for all those subjects little known to the normal visitors of these environments. In addition, for some years now he started to take a swim in the pool, devoting himself to underwater photography Fashion / Creative thanks also to Heidy, who is the model, assistant and naturally companion of life.

Heidy has always been He goes out of his way to assist and encourage him in whatever he does and shoot supporting and supporting it ...

Facebook: Andrea Falcomatà