Fabio Iardino - TESTER TEAM


Fabio Iardino was born in Udine (Italy) in 1971. Starts to approach to diving in 1983 and in 1992 obtained the first CMAS underwater certificate. Over the years he became CMAS underwater Instructor and underwater TRIMIX instructor.

He has always been passionate about photography, in 1996 attended a course on underwater photography.

Participates writing of the book "UNDERWATER DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY" and  "TRIMIX MANUAL 62" used by (FIAS) the Italian Federation of Underwater Activities for underwater photography courses and technical diving courses.

In 2009 he is the author of the book of photographs "THE TWO FACES OF A PEARL OF ADRIATIC” dedicated to the Dalmatian island of Vis.

From 1993 to present dived and photographed in Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Austria, Egypt, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Serbia and Atlantic ocean.

Since 2006 he participates in contests and competitions of underwater photography of national and international circuit and on September 2015 win the Italian Championship of Underwater Photography on Team Competition.

Since many years he has been part of Juries in national and international Contest and Competition.

Facebook: Fabio Iardino