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Best Underwater Strobes for Housings Dslr, Mirrorless Cameras and Compact Cameras

Underwater Strobe

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  • UCSQ1

    AOI Underwater Ultra Compact Strobe Q1

    Price €254.10 (254.10 tax excl.)

    Guide number of 22, a color temperature of 5,600 K and an aperture of 85º with the diffuser. Its management could not be simpler, just two buttons are enough to turn the device on and off and to turn on / off the 700 lumen indicator light, with 3 power levels. A rear dial controls the flash output in 7 levels

  • 03123

    Sea and Sea YS-D3 Underwater Strobe

    Price €696.72 (696.72 tax excl.)

    High Performance Strobe

    Newly designed circuitry and light-emitting unit produces powerful guide number of 33. In addition, a high precision aspherical optical troidal lens has been fitted over the two flash tubes to disperse an even light from the center to the edge.

  • Z330

    Inon Z330 Underwater Strobe

    Price €569.67 (569.67 tax excl.)

    The INON Z-330 provides powerful Guide Number 33, high performance and multifunction in its compact body. Its built-in optically designed dome lens offering both high power and wide 110 degree coverage underwater without any diffuser which can sacrifice power. For digital cameras, film cameras, optical connection and sync cable connection, the Z-330 strobe supports every camera system with unparalleled features.

  • WFS02

    Weefine Ring Strobe

    Price €490.98 (490.98 tax excl.)

    The Weefine WFS02 ring strobes are specifically designed for underwater use to provide the most colorful and natural wide angle lighting on the market.

    A professional grade round flash tube and powder coated reflector produce perfectly a soft, stunningly warm 5500K light.

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