INON D-200 Underwater Strobe Flash


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INON D-200 Underwater Strobe Flash
The new Inon D-200 strobe is based on the Z-330's design, with the same excellent features, at a more affordable price.
Features S-TTL Auto - INON TTL flash technology that implements TTL via a fiber optic connection, mimicking the camera's pre-flash.
Robust and durable construction against generated heat, especially when shooting burst.
Special dome front produces a wide 110 degree beam angle even without a diffuser.
Included rotating light shade to prevent backscatter even when the strobe is closer to the camera.
The D-200 features a unique dome shaped front, producing a wide beam angle of 110 degrees, without adding a diffuser which decreases the power output.
Rotating Strobe Light Shade
The rotating light shade is included as a standard accessory and blocks one side of the strobe's beam, in order to prevent it from reflecting back at the camera lens.
This features significantly reduces backscatter, ghosting and flare and allows you to position the strobe closer to the camera without affecting the image.
The share can rotate 360 degrees so you can adjust it easily underwater to the right position. The dome shade can also be removed if needed.
Radiation system 
The strobe is equipped with a unique metal heatsink, with high thermal conductivity, designed to release the heat generated by the strobe light, allowing you to shoot continously without worrying about overheating or the strobe misfiring.
Built in focus light
The D-200 features a 220 lumen focus light, improving your camera's focus abilities and allowing you to focus at night or in darker lighting conditions.
The focus light has an Auto Off feature, which turns the light off when the strobe fires, to avoid any hotspots on your subject. The focus light is perfectly aligned with the optical axis of the strobe, for better aiming and ease of use.
Intuitive Controls that Glow In The Dark
The back panel is covered with a phosphorescence material that helps you see the controls clearly - day and night.
User friendly controls are clear and straightforward, easy to operate even with thick gloves. 
Optical TTL and Manual Power Output
Inon's unique S-TTL auto produces accurate and reliable auto exposure, mimicking the on-camera's flash and getting perfect lighting on your subject on every shot.
Manual power output available with 13 steps of 1/2EV increments for precise adjustments of the strobe power. 
Dome filters / Diffusers
Wide variety of diffusers available, including the soft diffuser, 4600K, 4900K and ND (neutral density) filters, which are removable and offer creative lighting options.
Neutral Buoyancy Underwater
The strobe including 4 x AA batteries is 4g/0.14oz negative underwater, virtually neutral, allowing easy strobe positioning and perfect handling.
Optical Triggering
Use the strobe without a fiber optic cable or trigger it remotely as a slave, thanks to the ultra sensitive sensor located on the bottom of strobe. Special mirror adapter included for precise wireless triggering.
Technical specifications
Guide no on land: 20
Recycle time: 1.5 sec at full power
Manual power settings: 12
Colour temp at full power: 5500k
Colour temp with diffuser: 5400k
Coverage: 110° x 110°
Coverage with diffuser: 110° circular
Depth rating: 100mtr
Focusing light: 5w led - 220 lumen
Power supply: 4 x aa cells
Overall dimensions:
Diameter: 104 mm
Height: 131 mm
Length: 125 mm
Weight: 637 gr (land) / 48 gr (air).
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