GO-TRAY Underwater Bracket with 3/4 Flex Arm Universal Lights for GoPro

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GO-TRAY Underwater Bracket with GoPro® Tripod Mount

Flexible Arm with universal lights adapter, allows the mounting of cylindrical torches with diameters ranging from 2 to 5 cm.

Tripod Mount (Removable) Compatible for GoPro®, SJ4000 Cam®, Dazzne®, Nilox®, EyeCam ®

1/4-20 UNC Plastic Threaded Knobs Included

Material: Technopolymer

Dimensions: 135 x 45 x h 8 mm

1- GO-TRAY Underwater Bracket

1- Flex Arm With Universal Lights Adapter- Base Mount 1/4-20 UNC Female Thread - Length 20 cm Art.No 600.T31BK

1- Tripod Mount Adapter for GoPro® Art.No VD023

2- 1/4-20 Thread Knobs - Screw Length: ca 13,4 mm Art.no PM14-13