Underwater Tray for Camera Housing Package with Inon D-200 Strobe


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Underwater tray for camera housing package with inon d-200 strobe

Underwater camera housing tray and handles with 1-inch ball joint 25mm

B&j clamp for 1-inch ball 

Plastic carbon arm leng 18 cm

Ball mount adapter for inon strobe

Inon d-200 underwater strobe 

Inon fiber-optic cable  universal

Dimensions: 320 x 75 x h 8 mm

Material: technopolymer

1/4-20 Screws included


n.1- Underwater camera housing tray and handles with 1-inch ball joint 25mm st202.04

n.1- Inon d-200  strobe 

n.1- Inon fiber-optic cable universal 

n.2- Clamp for 1-inch ball joint with 25mm

n.1- Plastic carbon arm with double 1-inch ball length 18 cm pc018

n.1- Ball mount adapter for inon strobe 60058bk

n.2- 1/4-20 Camera screws included pm14-13

Inon D-200 Underwater Strobe

The new inon d-200 strobe is based on the z-330's design, with the same excellent features, at a more affordable price.

features s-ttl auto - inon ttl flash technology that implements ttl via a fiber optic connection, mimicking the camera's pre-flash.

Robust and durable construction against generated heat, especially when shooting burst.

Special dome front produces a wide 110 degree beam angle even without a diffuser.

Included rotating light shade to prevent backscatter even when the strobe is closer to the camera.

The D-200 features a unique dome shaped front, producing a wide beam angle of 110 degrees, without adding a diffuser which decreases the power output.

rotating strobe light shade, the rotating light shade is included as a standard accessory and blocks one side of the strobe's beam, in order to prevent it from reflecting back at the camera lens.

This features significantly reduces backscatter, ghosting and flare and allows you to position the strobe closer to the camera without affecting the image.

The share can rotate 360 degrees so you can adjust it easily underwater to the right position. the dome shade can also be removed if needed.

Guide no on land: 20

Recycle time: 1.5 sec at full power

Manual power settings: 12

Colour temp at full power: 5500k

Colour temp with diffuser: 5400k

Coverage: 110° x 110°

Coverage with diffuser: 110° circular

Depth rating: 100mtr

Focusing light: 5w led - 220 lumen

Power supply: 4 x aa cells

Overall dimensions:

Diameter: 104 mm

Height: 131 mm

Length: 125 mm

Weight: 637 gr (land) / 48 gr (air).

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